All the lessons for our world are left in literature .. clues … must you follow all of them to the letter. See what happens when the lesson is learnt through the phrase … an eye for an eye and a life for a life.

As above .. so below … when you know the truth that god can only exist through life .. i.e. be alive .. then you must understand that one of the gods is you for each one is either a devil or god. So what is happening in our world is that a lot of energy is being flipped into the devil … to be eliminated in one swift stroke through my mastermind book for that is what my mind showed me how god works. It is a 6th sense creation .. that is the good of the world asking to have their prayers answered .. and god sends a message into the world to rectify. I have sounds in my head .. one represents god .. one the devil (and it is a she as per the past where women had been pushed .. the victim then becomes the oppressor when the tables are turned i.e. a flipping of energy on to its back where it is helpless) I too have a purpose for your pain God … a reason for you to struggle .. and a reward if you are faithful to the world … so don’t give up. Just a mild warning to straighten out the mess I see in the world and which I am not accommodating off. I shall do my hardest best to expose you to the world. What I was shown was that God is not one in our present world … and he allows his hands and legs … the people of our world to get away with murder. It is time we put an end to this. Women should rise and wake up to the call that nature is sending out … heal the world .. you are nurture. Knowledge has hidden messages that the wise are able to see but you must be able to scratch beneath the surface and see the rot that has been left behind from out of the past that needs to be straightened out. Being good is easy for us for we are what we are but when the world is changed with thoughts … let the lash land back in the hand that carries it .. and this is the law of god .. let the gun destroy itself.

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