A journey of … 40 million thoughts …
Began in my mind to create my vibration.

Tectonic shifts from out of mind
Or from out of time .. I began at the beginning.

Eliminated what came in between
The devil .. the lived … from out of mind.

It poisoned the seeds and turned them into weeds
Nothing grew from them .. life was squished.

Right there .. right then … know the weed
What is its lot … no seed = no life.

The future of the world is in procreation
The smart were so dumb .. they are suffering.

The dumb are so smart .. they procreate
In the plenty … do you see the gene pool diluting.

They run in all families .. it hurt me to see them
I was shown the way …to uncover the mask.

Mind has existed for millions of years
I am seeing a decimation of energy ..
Did it turn stupid or smarter ?

Take a good look at America ..
Europe is not far behind .. see what is happening there.

Know and understand this truth ..
You created a devil from out of mind .. not reality.

That energy when it has … nowhere else to go
Will bite you back .. this applies to all.

A christian or a muslim / a hindu or a parsi
Be you of any creed or colour ..just know this.

You are an energy being … you are supposed to exist
Yet you subsist .. at the most primitive level.

Fighting for all your wants when the world is full of plenty
Envy and jealousy … killing mindfields .. in some of you.

Keeping the poor in hunger … the ego basking
In its poverty of mind … uncaring is unknowing.

Love was but a distant nebulous feeling
In such scenarios … even kindness of spirit was distant.

Change or be changed .. one last warning
Flip or be flipped … the thoughts are set in motion.

I shook the world .. have the courage to read my work
I have zipped and zapped you .. only for your own good.

When the I is found … in your highest self
Only there is found … your highest good.

Its true you are aren’t really seeing anything …
Its just the state of mind .. its called … non-thought.

I pushed all noises .. outside of me
I heard them … I did .. and then no more.

I didn’t want to own them .. its true
Just my way of knowing what was where.

I made my thoughts dance … in undulating waves
I saw them run … as servants .. at another’s mercy.

Closing in on themselves … an overlap of DNA,
Driving their own thoughts … making so much noise.

As I then turned inward … into my own thoughts
I saw the same cars .. glide by on silent wings.
I saw as energy … I was always at peace.

On a silence that clings .. to me .. its creator,
Just the truth … and only the truth .. my birthright.

I love noisy music … I love to groove
I have often been lost in dance .. for hours.

Dance and music … it is one aspect of vibration
Do you even know that in joy is pure vibration !

Destroys bad thoughts …. changes them … creates a new
Who / what / where / why … my answer .. you/me we are the I.

Did you know that God is manifest in vibration …
All matter takes its shape from its vibration.

Its the speed in motion .. the stars .. the planets
I changed me … my revolution was in me everywhere.

My solar plexus … the world in me I felt
So much in tune with God .. how could I be anything else?

The fastest vibration creates the densest materials
Rocks & stones .. but lets come to diamonds.

The hardest material known to our world
Diamonds .. my favourite stone .. the purest white

And the lights in the diamond can only be laser cut
In precision .. all colours are seen … did you just see God?

Did you feel worthy … to wear diamonds
Your mind must then hold the light of a thousand stars.

Aah life … whither ast thou … in hundreds or thousands
or simply a half century …. no vibrations felt = no love known.

Trees were my big passion .. I loved the vastness of their
Energy .. I smiled and they swayed and rustled.

I felt myself smiling back at me .. a vibrational match
I was to all energy … I could see / I could feel / I did know.

Instantly I connect … it was through words initially
I spoke the words I thought … they came from the core of me.

And I walked into them effortlessly ..
Spirit was the devil … I was much much kinder ..

Despite the bad that I
Initially did face to remember that story …
I kept turning my back .. to face the light.

There was no fun there .. there was no tomfoolery
How can there be … it was either death or life.

Be careful I say … beware I say
The devil hides in your own mind … and no where else.

Some might call it your soul .. the past you
Bringing back to you .. all that you would rather forget.

Is your karma what you wish to repeat in this life ?
Why not a fresh start … in each life .. kill that thought !

One aspect of duality that you must rid yourself of,
There are many .. in fact all is duality .. sift and sort.

Just what is a bad thought … very simple really
It does not show you its good self !

It leads you a merry dance into .. nothingness.
Aaah consciousness .. where were you .. did you understand it yet.

Are the 2 ever compatible … can they be ?
Consciousness is something in vibration !!!

Spirit is in nothingness … no vibration
But lying in expectancy … as particles of light.

My mind was the perfection .. that saw it all
Only strengthening my beliefs in effortlessness, as my all.

Purity of thought brings in creation
Devilish thoughts may carry the destruction.

The first .. the positive charge
The second .. the negative charge.

Eliminated those thoughts into non-thought
And what did I see .. the work of God through energy.

Its irony .. its how it treats you
Did you ever think of yourself as just a thought ?

Created from out of the mind of god and spirit
Chained to them … no freedom there.

The world may ask me to explain my utterances,
But you my dear .. must see yourself … in the mirror.

Everyday I see a different face …
When I declare .. I have no wrinkles .. my face is firm.

Every 4 years in my body .. my every cell is renewed
So how old are you .. ha ha ha .. what a fool are you ..

To believe all the lies you were told …
Was there a doctor in your family ?

What did they study for 7 long years
How to cut and stitch you up ???

Even a tailor knows how to cut and stitch
Would I go to him … no their fabric is different.

So here’s the little secret .. they won’t admit
Its only for the money … they feed on your fears.

For after all what have you got
Only the capacity to think of yourself as a nought.

So as a nought .. you keep going closer to ..
Zilch .. and your energy has been filched …

Into the forever of nothingness
Into the past you go and its all over.

But MasterMind with me ..
Get the golden key to be in infinity.

Have you as yet sang your swan song
Do you want to matter … yea I guess you DO.

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