MasterMind Roda says …. ALONE I AM ENOUGH.


Working with any knowledge releases its secrets … and God must have had big plans to help us all .. for I worked with God through my mind 24/7.  My first success was MasterMind and let me tell you quite categorically that I will swear on all that’s holy that it is a book in a million … capable of gifting you through your mind all the many things you desire.  This is no idle boast … but at the same time I also guarantee that you will receive nothing unless you are ready to put yourself to the test … a litmus test so to speak … a trial by fire.  It is the only way to learn hard truths …. keep on at them and force the truths out in the open. Right now .. your present finds you a servant to God … forever dependent on it …. for all that you receive and the many pitfalls in your life when you don’t.  Nobody but nobody respects a servant .. for it shows you up in your worst attire … a lazy so and so … carping at life without the willingness to do something about it. Deriding the many options god puts in your path … seeking the easy way out.  God is forever the Master .. the part of your mind who allows God to work through it … and the devil the part of you .. the body that must do the hard work … for it alone pays … but the difference with working with this formula … is that when you are at it .. it is time well spent … in a peaceful atmosphere doing what you love … for it will bring you what you desire for your life … for then you have divided yourself in to the 2 parts of God … God and devil.  God controls the devil in us … making you bow .. till you get stronger in mind  .. and say … what cheek … I will work but in my own way. Your individual mind beginning to assert itself for your life. Fighting for you .. and then you begin to see how much you are really proud of yourself .. how much love you are willing to lavish on the self.  Now you begin to see the God in you .. for along the way .. even when your big goal is not received .. many many small gifts will be received by you .. showing you quite categorically … stick with me if you want what you want …. I must teach you in my own way.

A trial by fire that may not otherwise have yielded any result … by working with God a support system gets generated for you by god through all other creations. This .. friend .. is the absolute truth of the world … for a master of your destiny you be  through this formula. I saw through my angels how his actually works in our world … when spirit would point out …is person will buy your book … and I would imperiously say .. I am not interested in single buyers for my desire is to see my book sold in the millions … that is the miracle I had wanted for my life.  I can’t think small or less to save my life. For me everything must be grand .. over the top … not one house – but many houses / not one car – but many cars, etc etc. I guess God pitted me in his image for if there was a lesson to be shared … it had better be the best.

Just see the results strewn over the internet of people struggling to make the law of attraction work.  If you are lucky … some master will let you into their database to market to .. a highly unlikely wish at best … for if there is one devil the world pays obseiance to .. IS MONEY.  

If you are nodding your head in disagreement .. then please leave this page alone …. for MONEY is the necessary devil without which life will come to a grinding halt … America is witness to that … and it is predicted to get worse.  People who have not made the necessary changes of focussing on god to help them out of the mess … just become rudderless .. then the real devil strikes.

Illnesses … inability to accept food as nourishing finds most of the good stuff simply vanishing from your dining table. I actually experienced this when out of stupidity I entertained diabetes as a friend in my mind. The gifts she gave me reminded me of the real devil. This was around the same time as I authored MasterMind and so I talked myself out of diabetes .. then asthma .. then colds and coughs till I reached the perfection in mind of god and now I never suffer from anything .. I am free.  Even then the devil would not leave me alone … for as I write to teach .. it would try to bother me by making me feel a slight itch in my throat and I would tell … I screw you to your own cross … you are my past and have no business being in my present . Through the buddha an important lesson was learnt by me …. if anybody tries to give you a gift you do not like .. you have no business to accept it. For the hidden punishment must be understood by you as its hidden agenda and it serves you not well. You will then have slipped to becoming the servant and not the master of your life. So did you even begin to comprehend that a freedom of illnesses is possible through the mind through MasterMind. I know it is and I enjoy these gifts each and every day … reducing my woes into nothingness .. even as I shared and shared my many messages of freedom with random acts of kindness through a sharing … even when people were unkind .. that was my cross to bear … makes me feel a bit like how Jesus must have felt .. for till date I see that not even a few understand the messages he brought down for mankind. I came across the lost testament of   Thomas and it made so much sense to me .. all its layers opening up for me … the words and then the truths of god … true pearls of wisdom that have stood the test of time … knowledge hidden and kept safe till mankind was once again shown it … asking them again and again .. are you ready to begin .. I am the safety net of you as a god. How much longer do you want to remain dumb.

Its not as if you don’t have time .. I will free the time necessary for you to work and learn .. by sharing so much knowledge with your mind that no extra time is required to search and delve for what you need for your life.





i believe ….http://youtu.be/-AEX0WRZzfI

Universal Mind, also called God, is Omnipotent, Omniscient and Omnipresent (it is He who is the life within you)… so all these attributes needs must be present at all times in their potential form in every individual. Now it is easy for you to understand why man is referred to as a spiritual being aka child of God. When any individual thinks a thought … it is compelled by its very nature to embody itself into a result or condition which will correspond with its origin. In simple english this means that because of your origin as a spiritual being … you are bound to receive all that you ask for …negative or positive … for such is God …He gives without question …. He treats you with the respect you deserve … for He is U …i.e. YOUR MIND. IN OTHER WORDS YOU ARE A MANIFESTATION OF GOD’S MIND .. WITH HIS MIND AS YOUR MIND AND A BODY MADE UP OF MATTER THROWN INTO A PHYSICAL SHAPE .. CREATED AND RECREATED ETERNALLY. So what is your opinion of yourself ? Do you consider yourself as a worthy individual capable of being all things grand ? just as your Father is ?</p>
All power is from WITHIN YOU and is absolutely within your control. It comes through the exact knowledge as explained above and in my various articles as well as following the exact laws of God. Most people tend to listen to others (also referred to as the “world without ” without questioning the veracity of what they listen to.This can make a world of difference to you for if you are listening to people who have no knowledge of their “world within” … you are like travelling towards desert lands instead of an oasis. 
But a few have learned how to tap into the “world within” to create their “world without”. My MasterMind is a guide which can teach you how to realise your own power. It will teach you to understand the connection between the world without and the world within.</p>
The world within is therefore creative and everything you experience in your world is first created by you in the world within you. Now it is easy for you to understand that the world within is the cause and your results or effects are seen in the world without. Your reality will change only when you understand how to implement this ! Keep trying till you perfect it. 
The sad part is … if for some reason … you are unable to comprehend this and accept it as a radically new idea (not really …but this knowledge is often kept suppressed and not taught to the masses … so I am opening the window for all here) and you work with the world without ….without using your world within …you will find that in your life you will be changing one form of distress with another … for you are not trying to remove the cause of the distress …which can be found ONLY within and needs must be changed. MASTERMIND WILL COME TO YOUR AID FOR ALL OF GROWTH IS SIMPLY FROM WITHIN.
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This is pretty evident in all of nature … for it is a Law …and you , me and the rest of creation is living proof of the Law ..and your error (like billions of other people) is to believe that strength and power is attained from without. A simple example .. till date people eat any number of vitamin tablets and supplements for they seek strength in their body from outside sources but I have taught myself to bring out my own strength through the power of my thoughts.</p>
Your ability to receive depends on your recognition of this bounteous and Universal Mind – the infinite Energy which is present in each individual and seeks an outlet. When you realize and accept that nothing can exist without a Mind from which all things are created and re-created … and by whose Mind all things exist … as some form of manifestation of this One Basic Substance …which is alive and extremely active. IT IS ALSO SENSITIVE TO THE HIGHEST DEGREE (WHY YOU GET YOUR REWARDS AND YOUR PUNISHMENTS).
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I hope you truly understand from the above why everything is all about the self … for we refer to the God within as self …and by that rule ..everybody is one and the same … so there need never be any competition or a fight .. for there is enough for everybody in this world when you understand how to get it.

Author – Roda Langrana