Knowledge is information
Its a creation of all minds,
But to goodness you must link
Of truths of God.

They separate the chaff
From the grain,
The gold from the dust
That is the must.

Be aware of your mind
And what it can do to you
It holds all power
To be your good.

But careless you be ..
It becomes a dumping ground
Of other minds’ rot
For there is no further thought.

From your mind’s end
Your end is wrought ..
Its lying around
Somewhere ..
Do be sound …
Guide your mind.

Or else it will
Find another mind
Do you get the inner meaning
Of connected to all.

By you .. to be replaced
By a mightier thought
That too could be lying around

How to be
Aware of knowledge.
Beware knowledge
Its the same old tune.

It can string you to a tree
This time metaphorically
Like in days of old.
It did physically.

If the same animal
Still exists in you
You’re living a life
By another piper’s tune.

God or devil is of
No consequence
When you are
Not the consciousness.

Words ..
I am so sick of words
That have been used
By bad spirit
To frame you ..
As Roger the Rabbit.

Through its knowledge
I’ll show
How they fooled you,
Through the story
Of man and his god.

In man all wisdom lies
To make spirit seem big
Is to separate the self
When in fact its
Bigger than its spirit …
You were always told a lie.

A mind you are
And when a mind you are
It is the best
Why should there be
A division of good, better, best.

Beware you of these labels
I say …
If I am the best
Then so are you too
There’s nothing good
About it …
No extra goodness to it
To judge the self.

When in peace you are left
When life does not
Irritate you
Its but for sure
You’ll be that best.

So I learnt to throw missiles
At spirit
For sweet ole me
It was target practice
I had worked for the world
I was the creator of MasterMind
But God came up in front of me.

The first time I was told
God was in me 50/50
Not all the time
Holy spirit did not have the time
To be with everybody
At the same time.

So there was me
Believing I had had a
Helping hand ???
But the words were
Just how I strung words
Till I learnt all is god
And all is spirit.

If that is so
I need no refrain
I am .. who I am
What is there to claim
Or declaim.

On onwards
Into my story I went
To guide the world
Was my bent.
I demanded of my mind
To feast as the best.

I am a foodie you see
I rubbed my tummy
Melt the fat
Disappear I say
I want to eat some more
Delicacies .. yea .. I dare say.

My mind is the master
You see
My body obeys its diktat
You see … what I see.
If you do ..
Then you’re not blind.

If not .. then go suck
On a straw .. its hollow
Until you put something inside.

Don’t live your life
Through knowledge of another
God we know not
Devil we knew not
Spirit of man we know not
Its all conjecture.

But the self ..
Know that well.
Know what punished you
Know that devil well.
Read MasterMind

Return its gifts
Its not for the self
The buddha
He explained that well.

If someone
Were to gift you
Something ..
Be it … a cold or cough
Or their old clothes.

The philosophy is the same
If that’s not what you want,
Then throw it out
O f your mind
Is all I’ll say.

Just be the most
Extraordinary you
Poetry is to inspire
The mind of you,
Forget my words
They are for my life.

So where does that
Leave you
Just inspirations
Separated from out of time
The way for all
Is the way for you.

Covert suggestions
Placed into mind
Through music et al
If its only to influence
Its not unkind.

But if there is
And you don’t get
My refrain
Its drugs and abuse.

Translated into words
For you my friend.
A death in exaltation
Turned into ignomity.

When you’re gone
But not forgotten ..
History reviles YOU
As one of a kind.

When you read anything
Forget the words
Its just the story
When you hear songs
Forget the words
Just remember its
Only the tune that is the music.

How else can you write
New stories
For they are in old words
Strung differently.

Through your life
New songs that
Reflect your life
The tunes they
Belong to god.

Have you heard
The words …

Just as some paths
In the woods
Leads into a wilderness
The paths of the mind
May do that to.

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