The tale of the crook
Just like all words
Plays itself out
Through .. in opposition.

The tale told
Through the crook of god
The bend in the crook
Of the shepherd’s hook
Is to guide the sheep ..
That owns no mind.

So it asks you
Who or what are you ?
Are you capable ..
Then yes …
Of listening to a guide ?

.. Then yes ..
Its when God is at your side.
Come to MasterMind
The message is in thoughts
always in words ..
Its for you to read them

Its opposite is
Of the not so good kind
A crook is a thief
What did he steal ?

To a lack of
Wisdom you lost your mind
Was it the crook
Why did you give him way ?




law of attraction – mastermind by roda langrana


Would you be kind
To those who stole your “I ”
Right from under your nose !
Knowledge is lying
All around us
Go educate yourself
Or become redundant.

I’m changing the world,
So fast .. be careful
You may not catch up
If you steal my time
I’ll take your time.
Each must give to the other
All that is their best lesson.

All past spirit I captured
Pushed them into onegod
And punished it
For that was its lot.
It chose that path
To destroy the self.

The self is in the “I ”
Its what is best.
If in love you come
Its love you give.

Don’t ever let anyone
Take away your “I ”
Find your “I ”
I am here to tell you
Its hidden in your 3rd eye.
The “I ” is in love
If love you be.

What you give
You may expect
When you get
You are doubly blessed ..
Do your best
Don’t fret the rest.

We are blessed with 2 eyes

And so we see.
And yet life says
All of me can be
Likened to
The close minded kind.

Every sense of ours
Was created powerfully
And yet history has shared
A stupid story
Scientists come in all sizes.

Just 2 come to my mind
Dumb and dumber.
Am I sorry .. should I apologize
Its these idiots
Who should apologise
The world is taking a tumble.

Should I be scared
Why should I
Their heads are bowed,
They seek not the present
But the past.

Slow coaches
Go to Timbukto
No wonder they are stuck
In the land of inbetween
Never knowing .. never learning.

So why do I hold
So much ire .. you may well ask
They’ve held the world to
Ransom .. they are
The sole reasons
That illnesses exist.

But the creators
Must never hide from them
Creation is the only truth ..
Only the present .. IS,
So are we ever an even match !!

How can we be
While I am creating
They are guessing
With axe and pick
They are sifting.

But all I needed to do
Was to sit in my armchair
Ponder on truths
To understand it all.

If ever you want to
Learn from me
Just write me a note
Below ..
But .. of a certain intelligence
Must you be
I have no time for fools
And I don’t suffer them gladly.

For they compartmentalised us
All they could not understand
They called God
And then did declare
His non-existence.

Non-existence …
Is fair for them
But not for you.
Stop following them
For unknowingly they
Have been mean to you.

What they should have done
Is complement the mind
Instead they took
The devil’s side.

Now who is that
Is it a creature
Of course not
Its ignorance
Passed down from the past.

How and why
When and where
Let me explain
Its through
The tale of the tail.

Is there a tale in the tail
Of course there is
They’ve goofed big time
Big time I say
Puffed out their chest
Now it will blow them away.

I tried and tried
I so wanted to be kind
But to who I asked
Do I owe my allegiance to ?

Truths of God
Was my only answer
Four 4 years I tried
To find this
The only answer.

There are many clues
Left behind for us to find
Like a jigsaw puzzle
Lets start with a simple one
A coin has 2 sides
It is currency .. its powerful.

Its currency .. so it moves
So it shakes
The world bows to only it,
Big bucks are only earned
Using the head …
Not the tail.

God is found in the head
Ideas flow from a
Goodness kind
As a tail you follow others
Does a dog come to mind ?

A dog is the
Sweetest creature I know
Obedient and loving
Does the smile of love
Come to mind ?

But does love pay
Don’t be silly
Its good old hard work
That only does !!

It rules your life ..
Through its 2 sides
A head and a tail
So what rules your life
If its the head .. you think ..
And therefore you are …
You’r ok !!!

All of life is found
In opposites
So if it is the tail that rules,
Its the reverse kind
And in this side is found
The tale of the monkey kind.

Did you descend
From the monkey kind
The monkey he did no wrong
He never pretended
To be your kind.

For years they’ve cut him up
To search and search
But apparently there is a gap
In knowledge
Now it will need to be stitched up.

Look outside you’ll see nothing
But the world …. full of fears
Is it your creation
Of course not
And of course yes
When all is behind the illusion
Of what can be
If .. you are the creator.

Large is life
But not for you
For all you need
Is just one tool
Your eye unlocked
The one in your “I “.

So is the “I ” the creator ?
2 eyes see the creation
That the one eye creates
So the one eye is all
That’s needed to create
That creation.

Aaaha the “I ”
Are they talking of you and me ?
Let me rewrite your “I ”
How many alphabets
Are there in “I ” / eye
I see one and I see 3.

Did I just say 3
What am I talking about
You the “I ” you see
With your own 2 eyes
So where’s the third.

What .. you haven’t hear about it ?
Now don’t tell me a lie
You know nothing about
What belongs to you ?

Aaah can’t see it .. you say
Can you see with it I ask ?
Don’t know that answer .. you say
So I ask again ..
Can you see your heart ?

No .. you say
But I say .. its still there
Yea .. you say .. I guess that true
Yea .. I say .. you have a 3rd eye too.

So who and why is it
Connected to you ?
Its called your protection
The eye of God
From where it sees all.

Now take a look
At the dollar bill
All truths are visible in the world,
For your 2 eyes to see
The openly hidden world of God.

But it .. can .. get trickier still
When there’s no one
Around to tell you this.
If all you saw on the
Dollar bill .. was a
Pyramid with a single eye
You are the loser still.

For a whole hidden world
Of how to own the dollar bill
Is shared through this story.
Its the God within
The “I” that is you
The one eye that shows you God.

Go grow a brain
Interconnect the dots
Build your synapses
Links to your “I ”
Connect it to your ” eye”
Yes there is only one
That allows you to see through your 2.