There are some layers to knowledge and for me it is not at all necessary to read other writers on the same genre that I write on .. for I did mastermind with the truths and principles of God .. to creating my own singularity .. my voice bringing back to life all that was illuminating for the life of us on this plane of existence. That I created many worlds for myself … cherry picking on knowledge … physics and mathematics were important to see our real world … for my mind did bring to me all that I needed to understand God working behind the scenes … very much relevant and visible to me. It has so far been the most amazing journey that a girl like me could have experienced. I sing for myself … to think but for no rhyme or reason .. I built a watertight case for myself as a dreamer. Most would have called me foolish beyond reason if only they had been around me when I made the most daunting of choices and truly brought myself down to a child’s level of open mindedness when working with my mind. I just accepted everything about me as natural and normal .. that was my saving grace. When I go back in time before MasterMind .. I was a scaredy rat … afraid of my own shadow and now here I am ready to dialogue with any of the finest minds in the world and know that I still stand tall. I have an amazing way of manifesting anything in the moment and though it really is no secret … I shall keep this one for myself.

Not pandering to another’s ego … I am very strict by nature and yet fun loving

The written word is the way forward for humanity. There is a sanctity and a responsibility towards your brothers and sisters in this world when you share the same as wisdom. Knowledge need not be the same for all but wisdom must work like clockwork for all. It must perforce remain the same down generations and I thought it pertinent to treat all I came across through my work with the same degree of caring. A servant and a master were to my eyes equal in the eyes of God and I did succeed in this endeavour and saw it work beautifully even amongst the unlettered. I experimented on my maid at home and found it not too difficult to get her to think as I wanted her to. She would respond in a manner that left me in no doubt. If her body ached due to work I would teach her to walk away from the pain and she is so much in awe of my capacity to make this come alive for her. She would take pills at the drop of a hat when she first came .. but I weaned her away from them and she has a healthy respect NOT fear of God now.

Wisdom does not fall into stories of ifs and buts .. its either sine die or it isn’t. The truth can only ever be the one. The rest falls under the category of fiction … of another’s imagination .. so be aware. That all hold the right to be able to create authorities out of the self but you must own the strictness of mind to not be swayed by it. It must simply be read as a good story. Read and forgotten.

My mind I allowed to grow like a garden .. fertilized it with top quality manure .. only the best has ever been good enough for me. I never feared criticism when I wanted riches beyond my wildest dreams to manifest.. for when I worked .. I worked with philosophies that did not create a divide in my mind .. my love was for myself and when my cup overflows it does touch the lives of others.

My ability to be able to give back (in wisdom) is the only criteria I took a keen interest in .. having read it as the explanation of the Yatha Ahu Vairyo prayer ( where the wisdom shared is .. all my riches to the man who will make my poor king). So what is the riches alluded to here by Mazda … most people would think of riches as money .. but that is not the truth. The true riches that Mazda alludes here is wisdom … wisdom is above and beyond all riches .. for it is through wisdom that I received everything in this world .. health / wealth and happiness .. all came to me only through the wisdom of my MasterMind and my mind. And the saddest part that I must put into words .. when Mazda says .. MY POOR … God is not referring to money .. God actually means the people of the world who do not believe in goodness for their lives and they suffer .. in silence / vociferously .. whichever way you deem it fit to express yourself. The painting SCREAM reflects that sentiment best for when a heart is screaming inside .. it is enough to make many worlds quake. It is enough to make God sit up and listen to you alone.

I was brave enough to question God in mind. I even expressed my anger to him .. sort of like he was a naughty child and I was the strict mother. A role reversal if you please .. which at the time did not seem strange to me at all but in hindsight it amazes me as to the hundreds of role reversals I played with God in mind. And I was always treated indulgently.

When God thought I was funny … a wind would rustle up and the trees would sway and I would hear the laughter in my head and cheek of cheeks .. try to distract my attention from my thoughts and stop me taking life so seriously. Then I truly felt like a child but would not budge in my desire to change the world as much as I could.

One day when I saw a man carrying a huge sack on his back .. I told God that I did not like that or thought it fair. I immediately asked for some kind of machine to help that man do his work. That I thought was fair .. that if one has to work .. it did not have to be robbed of its dignity.

and through all the trials and tribulations I would walk myself away from making any promises and made the world owe me big time. It simply means that I never did fear God … not ever.

The world has a long way to go for alas there is so much knowledge standing in the way of wisdom for man to be able to be good to himself .. to create a safe haven within the self .. but that does not mean that one should never begin. A beginning is then just the place to begin.

Upto this time in my life I had had no acquaintenance with the devil for I had always felt safe until I didn’t and I guess it was to learn the most important lesson of all .. how to shift gear onto a higher plane of thought .. was through punishments aka illnesses. I have taught myself after studying MasterMind how to walk myself out of all illnesses I have had the misfortune to face. That is freedom of sort that keeps me on a perpetual high of my own making … and when at a party amongst friends .. have you ever focussed on the conversations .. everybody but everybody is always moaning and groaning but I have nothing to complain about. I have iced drinks in the middle of winter and nothing bothers me. Just yesterday spirit was forcing me to accept a cold and I was fighting with it. So I just told myself .. don’t waste your time arguing with the devil .. when you go to the party your nose will be dry and so it was. Not only that I had my favourite tipple a bacardi with orange and soda and lots of ice. And I had eaten an icecream before going and lots of dessert afterwards.

So did I not rewrite my STORY after my own fashion. I do not belong to this world any more at least not the results .. for I do not follow its tenets. I chose my own life .. put into it only that which I wanted and fought and overthrew everything else from out of my mind. I proved myself a doable story and in the beginning it hurt me a lot to find not many really even thought that what all I said was the truth .. but I figured .. Roda you have only one chance at enjoying this life and time always marches on … so go on enjoying yourself. It sounded like fantasy when I heard it through their ears but how could I not accept my reality .. I faced it everyday in so many many ways, that it defied the logic of lies that pull the wool over people’s eyes. And slowly I weaned myself away of being affected by the follies of others … when they placed money .. a mere 5000 over a lifetime of goodness flowing their way .. they jolly well deserve what they get. My each outfit I buy .. for I only wear silk .. costs way more and I rarely repeat my clothes at functions. And then I too would be fine and say .. why bother .. your life is going gung-ho and I am doing stuff beyond my wildest dreams. All my holidays in the last 4 years I have only ever stayed at the Marriott and that too the JW .. the highest .. their 7 star series. Planning a trip to France in the near future.

Everytime I went online I would see beautiful homes .. large homes with huge gardens and if the world can live in them … they are possibilities and probabilities and one should consider them so .. in order for you to be guided if that be your desire. Find your desire and match it to a dream and everything is but a probability in life. Its those who don’t dream that are truly to be pitied for life then surely did walk on by and did not find in you a worthy partner.

As a Zoroastrian I am privy to the Ashem Vohu prayer and there are 2 clear divisions … one is the cut and dried version of the prayer book and the other is in the Schnoom part of our religion .. the inner world of God. There is the hidden real truth of God as man living on this plane of existence and the said part is that men are not known to be adventurous enough to be able to go beyond the stigmas of the world … imagination .. that void that creates worlds out of nothing but the mind. And it is funny that the schnoom books too were once penned by the men.

The Law of Attraction is the expanded life one lives through the Ashem Vohu prayer. I was shown a link a long time ago of the schnoom meaning of the ashem vohu prayer and I have documented it on my website on zoroastrianism. If you have the right mind you will know that I speak the truth and grab that wisdom for your own life. Otherwise be a fool forever .. the world eventually does not suffer fools gladly and when I use the word world .. I talk of the world of intelligentsia. On my way up I was ready to share my experiences with the world .. but once having reached the portals of a rarefied air .. I am no longer inclined to be kind .. for I saw you for who you really are .. not a kind person by nature .. so even God kept you away from his knowledge and there you must remain .. till you decide you have had enough and are willing to move on.

This is a wake up call my dear friends .. for god will keep on using messengers to send out his messages and you know what .. you will have to decide for yourself. Right now your mind is closed by the world you live in ..the media .. the barrage of words of the mundane world and while MasterMind is connected to your mind and your soul … you have to awaken it to becoming the driving force for the many personal areas of your life. That is stuff you hesitate to share with your best friend too but that area too needs must be addressed and so MasterMind will teach you to be your own friend and foe .. your own protagonist and antagonist .. your own positive guide by avoiding the negative as a possible pitfall.
I learnt to be the master of my destiny and the captain of my soul.

Spirit of God led me down the path of manifestation through MasterMind

Spirit of God led me down the path of manifestation through MasterMind
Spirit of God led me down the path of manifestation through MasterMind

What is the message the 2 pictures below share with you .. I am only mind .. I have no body. That is the truth of God … you too are one only through your mind. See what happens when the body is more important than the mind .. it goes underfoot .. it is suppressed. It is an ordinary life. An extraordinary life is lived only in mind.

I have a truly open mind and when I came across the idea of goodness as a way of giving to the self the many things we need, want and desire I saw the possibilities existing in myself since childhood beginning to resurface. Why and how it took so long seems a mystery but the only explanation that is fitting is that having completed my familial responsibilities I went back in time to that time in space and reconnected to myself .. the mind of possibilities beginning to assert themselves for this avatar in this existence. Boredom is obnoxious to the soul .. so is backbreaking hard work. Luckily for us there is a happy middle path which is all that we really need. Manifesting .. now let me explain this word … its all the opportunities of the world that you want for yourself. Not lets say .. you saw a beautiful diamond necklace that you really really like but do not have all the money required to buy it. If your desire is true … then somehow you will find the money to buy it. If you ponder on it often .. the gap between the desire and the receiving is closed and it is yours. It may come in x number of ways so unless you are a grand thinker .. don’t ponder on the way it can come .. for otherwise you may end up blocking your abundance and all that will happen is that the time taken will stretch to take in all those indecisive thoughts. For many abundance can come through sources other than themselves. I first manifested the house I live in and God showed me that the path is basically one straight line .. for that was my experience. It was just one random thought of appreciation .. me driving past the house I live in and admiring the boundary wall. We were searching for a house and 11 months later .. I was led to this house to inspect it. Imagine my surprise and joy. This manifestation was just one desire uttered once. It stood in my life as a beacon to focus on. And yet I went awry … when I manifested the second time around. My abundance through my book allowed me to experience the gamut of manifesting experiences … so all of them being stored in my DNA as blueprints showed me that my greed for knowledge .. my desire to learn .. to be the best of the best … the path shown to me through my mind .. made me vie with myself .. my own heart which wanted me to stop my work to experience joys and me telling it many times .. its ok .. I’ll wait for success .. for I was truly having fun at times when I mastered things easily. That would work like an aphrodisiac and I would want more of the experiences that showed me I was creating through making the necessary adjustments from out of my mind. It is a power to be experienced for then and then alone will you see how God works through the messages that are sent out in the world through angels who step out of time to do the work. Time is a wondrous gift .. when spent in some modicum of ease of doing work that holds the potential of giving me so many gifts through it .. name, fame, glory, abundance, freedom from illnesses, where do I stop this list .. it goes on for me adding to my everydays an x number of powers through receiving. Sometimes I think to myself .. if I share this experience it sounds so much like boasting … for that is its truth. Then I hold the ability to stand out of myself .. into a nothingness and speak of God. For nothing was never nothing .. it was always something … the gap between desire and the gift being held in mind and heart. By now we are all aware that the vast expanse of nothing that we see all around us is teeming with life energy … our earth is being likened to a living organism and if you understand the story of a human as being just atoms and molecules surrounded in an egg shaped electromagnetic field of energy .. you will understand that our world is our God .. all stories held in nature and redefined through ourselves .. both working in tandem of creation.
I had often heard it said that God works through truths. It is simply because the one same idea must be understood by all in the world without being confusing to the billions reading them. I have understood and used this power to change my reality. Funny I began this article just in fb but with the few lines in this para as my starting base. I then ended up adding so much that this has turned into the end. There is a saying the Law of Attraction that every start begins from an end and an end is but the start of a new beginning. Where I end of .. you begin .. and so on and on. Mein to chala jidhar chale raasta .. mein na janu kaha meri manzil … la la la la la la. I have a theory when you don’t know what to say sing a generic tune and allow God to put in the words required for your life.
All ways are my ways .. do you understand .. see the scene of the cheshire cat in Alice In Wonderland .. and understand how God works .. She is the cheshire cat and all she speaks of are options … it is always your choice that will make you gr8 or make you fail ….when you can’t understand one .. another one will be put in front of your face and when you can’t understand that too .. one push and like Alice you will find yourself falling into a rabbit hole .. but in kindness … did you notice what a lot of goodies Alice saw on her way down. That is manifestation .. see and desire and receive. The amazing part .. everyone holds different desires .. you may also want to have the capacity to do good for others through yourself. That is moksha .. a freedom from the cycle of birth and death. Your ability to thank me for teaching you …shows you your capacity to think big for your life by buying my MasterMind. Any other decision alas represents a poverty mindset. http://www.createspace.com/3452539